Common Question

  • Do you have an instructional video on how to use the greaser?

We sure do. We have a couple videos on our Facebook page but here is one that you should find helpful:

  • What retailers carry your products?

Currently our only retailer is: 
Cutter Loose in Alberta, Canada.
To contact them about purchasing any products customers can send them an email at

  • How many greasers do I need to order?

When you select your model you will receive everything you need to grease all the wheel bearings on your machine. Some machines use the same greaser on all four wheels and some use two different greasers.

  • Why are some greasers more expensive than others?

If a greaser is listed for more that means that 2 greasers come in the set and that is because the front and rear bearings are different sizes

  • Do we offer military discounts?

Of course we do! Just email us and we'll be glad to help you out

  • I don't see my make or model listed.

We are constantly researching all applications of our greaser tool. Just send us an email and we'd be happy to let you know where we are on developing one for your machine 

  • Where can I buy one in person?

Check our Facebook for updates on where we're going riding next. We're always looking for benefit rides, poker runs, and special events. If you know of any and would like us to come send us a message or email and we can see if we can make i